Our range of cables, including coaxial, digital satellite, telephone, alarm, electrical, speaker and bell. The coaxial is available in 2m multiples with discounts and the telephone & alarm cable is in 5m multiples, also with discounts. The household electrical cable is available in either two or three core, in white or black and in varying sizes. We also have outdoor rubber and arctic cable suitable for harsher tasks, as well as grey twin and earth, suitable for kitchen wiring with bigger sizes available to order. We also have a fantastic range of speaker cable, in either white or red & black, and in a variety of sizes and lengths. We finish this section with our bell wire, available in 5m multiples or bigger discounts can be achieved by buying this cable by the 100m reel. Don't forget, we offer TWO FREE CLIPS with every meter of any cable purchased (exclusions apply, see each individual listing)