Terms and Conditions


Once payment has cleared, we aim to despatch your item the same day, usually within an hour of payment. Our cut-off time is 4.30pm, but usually as long as payment has been made by 5.30pm it will also be dispatched the same day. After this time the item(s) will be sent out the following working day, or if payment has been made after 9.30am on Saturday, then item(s) will be dispatched Monday. If your item is being sent by courier, we will message you informing you of this and as long as payment has been made by 9.30pm, these items will be sent the following working day. Please note the delivery time is just an estimate - we try our best to dispatch as much as we can the same day, or the next at the latest, but it's a two part service from us to you, the other part being Royal Mail or our courier company. Sometimes delays happen and cannot be avoided, so please consider this before contacting us. You can be sure of the dispatch date by looking at our franking impression date on your package. We try our best to make sure this is sent out the same day so you receive your items as quickly as possible.


We try our very best to reuse whatever packaging we receive our items and stock in and to do our bit for the environment and also to ultimately keep our postage costs down, thus resulting in our continued low and competitive prices. Therefore you could receive your item in a used envelope or box, that may show signs of wear and tear, however your item(s) will always be sent safely, and nothing will be sent in packaging that is so used that it will burst open upon delivery and damage your order. We also now no longer send out our invoices or brochures with your item(s). This helps us to use minimal packaging and therefore keep costs low to reflects our low prices. However, if you require a receipt or VAT invoice, feel free to message us and we will be happy to email one to you! Please note if you require a VAT invoice do ask for this as soon after purchase as possible due to HMRC's quarterly filing system. If a new quarter has been entered then chances are we will be unable to provide a VAT invoice due to us filing the quarters records with them. To make it easier, our quarters fall on the 1st of February, May, August and November; so if you place an order, say, on the 10th of January, please don't ask for a VAT invoice after 1st February!


Your item will be sent to the address allocated on your PayPal Account. We print a copy of the PayPal invoice and attach this to your package, so it's imperative that this address including postcode is correct, as we cannot be held responsible for lost packages due to incorrect or mis-spelled addresses. We can send packages to a different address if required; this is also at your own risk; we will print a copy of the email that you would send informing us of a change of address, so again it's imperative that this is correct. Refunds will not, under any circumstances, be offered to packages lost or returned to us via Royal Mail or our courier due to any part of your address being incorrect, or not being delivered due to a change of address. Additionally, with us regularly visiting car boots, there may be a chance we can personally deliver your order to you! Customers residing in York, Malton, Driffield & Bridlington to name a few towns could benefit from this!


You can make payment via PayPal. Payment via credit/debit card is also accepted, either through PayPal or by telephoning us; we charge a 25p fee on orders below £10 and a 3% fee +25p for credit cards, whatever the amount. Please feel free to phone us on 07796 898 765 if you'd like to pay by card.

Discounts & Refunds.

With launching this new site we're now able to offer discounts as special codes which you can apply to your order for the discount to be applied. If for any reason you have a discount code that you're trying to use but it won't work, and it's still valid, please contact us and we'll try our best to sort it out ASAP. If you have placed an order with us through eBay and would like to use it on this site, please email us and we will reply with a discount code to the value of the voucher you have received. We now no longer allow the use of vouchers on eBay due to their charges and fees. 


Any listing that has been put on offer will normally include full details of the offer, what is included and the expiry date; this section is to better explain our permanent offer for the cable ties as one or two customers feel that this needs clearer explaining: The offer is buy five packs and get another free: this means if you purchase five packs, no matter the pack size, you will get another free. To qualify for the offer, you need to buy five quantities - five order codes - of either the same or multiple ties. If you purchase five different packs, your free pack will be another of the cheapest. All offers will only be valid if you purchase all ties together. For example you won't be entitled to a free pack if you purchase four packs then later realise you should have bought another and so purchase another separately. You need to buy at least five packs in ONE transaction to qualify for a free pack. Please note though this offer does not apply to the mixed bags of cable ties, or the three and four pack specially priced bags of ties, as you are already making a huge saving in comparison to purchasing each size separately. The offer is valid for SINGLE full priced packs of white, black and coloured ties. Silver ties: This offer is buy three packs get a fourth free! This will be valid either way you buy them; as single packs or by selecting the option '3x 25 plus 1x 25 FREE' from either listings dropdown list. If you need further clarification please feel free to message us!


We offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. If you need to return a product for a refund because you have changed your mind, there will be a 15% deduction to your refund. However, if you need to return an item because it is faulty or not as described you will receive a 100% refund as long as it has been returned safely and the inspection shows a manufacturers fault, otherwise the 15% deduction will still apply. You will need to contact us first to obtain an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorisation) number BEFORE sending us the item back as without this we will be unable to accept the return. Once you have received this number please send the item safely back to us with this number on the front and once it has arrived safely we will message you informing you of this and then we will process your refund as per the terms. Please note though if the item(s) are returned damaged due to insufficient packaging then the refund will be refused. If it is damaged and packaging was sufficient then the refund will be processed as normal and we will file a claim with the relevant carrier. If an item is returned to us via either Royal Mail or our courier that has NOT been returned by the customer then we have a simple system set up to resolve these issues. If an item is returned to us we will send you an email informing you of this and what the reason was, if this has been stated on the package. You will then be offered a choice: if you wish for us to send the item back to you then you will be required to pay for the postage plus a 20% surcharge for packaging materials, (which will be cheaper than standard RM postage anyway as we get cheaper postage, mostly never exceeding 50p) or you can choose for us not to send it again and you will be issued a refund as per our Returns' Terms. If you have not responded within 48hrs - the deadline will be clearly stated in the email - then the item will not be sent out again and you will not receive a refund. We only give 48hrs because over time we have had numerous occasions similar to this where we have messaged customers and they just haven't bothered contacting us at all, resulting in our Returns Department ending up unnecessarily clogged, so we give 48hrs for you to contact us or we'll make the decision.

European/Worldwide Postage:

We do our best to deliver to as many countries as possible and have not long started delivering to Europe. This has proved to be quite a success but unfortunately items or total orders which exceed 2kg start to cost considerably more. The max we can send with Royal Mail's International Standard Service is 2kg; some of our products, mainly the larger lengths of electrical cable, exceed this so we have to ask for more postage from you before we can dispatch your item. If you would like an item delivering to Europe, but are unsure of the cost, we plead you to message us first as we can give you the exact cost, as if you just go ahead and purchase without messaging then we will have to send a PayPal request for the remainder, plus a 50p charge. It is also worth noting that any items will NOT be dispatched until full postage payment is received. European addresses do still qualify for discounted postage - the postage you pay will never be the exact amount it costs us to send, so just because we ask for more doesn't mean we're trying to rip you off and get you to pay more than what it costs, the amount we ask is the difference by what it would cost us to send to a UK address and what it costs to send to a Euro address. Most of the time it's a couple or a few quid, but for larger, heavier items that exceed 2kg, this goes to a tenner plus, this is why we ask you to message first, as different lengths of cable and different sizes of cable ties cost different postage prices to send. We want to offer a fair postage charge, so the amount shown on each listing, mainly if they are multiple items, is the price to cover most of the items listed in that particular listing, but sometimes this doesn't cover everything. If you purchase multiple smaller items, please wait for us to adapt your invoice before payment, as we may be able to offer a postage discount; if you go ahead and pay without us altering the invoice then discounts cannot be made. Due to many European customers just going ahead and paying without us altering the invoice, we have now changed the standard Euro postage charge to £5.95, some items won't cost this much, so we urge you to wait for us to adapt your invoice before payment, otherwise we will not be able to reverse it.

Rewards & Loyalty Scheme.

We love to do business with our customers and encourage them to keep coming back to us and along with our excellent customer service we also offer rewards for our customers. Please note though this has recently changed to better benefit our loyal customers and can be found under the new page 'Loyalty Card' or at http://dandeascables.kong365.com/pages/loyalty-card

If you need any further help or have any queries about any of the above or indeed anything at all then please feel free to contact us! You'll find all the details on the 'Contact Us' page on the homepage. You can even send us a message directly from this page!