2 Core or 3 Core 3a 2182Y; 6a 2183Y; 10a, 13a 3183Y; 6a 3183P; White Black Electrical Cable per meter with 15m Special



Various Indoor & Outdoor Electrical Cable

Choose from the following:

2 Core 2182Y 0.5mm² 3a White or Black Round Cable

3 Core 2183Y 0.75mm² 6a White or Black Round Cable

3 Core 3183Y 1.0mm² 10a White or Black Round Cable

3 Core 3183Y 1.25mm² 13a White or Black Round Cable - CLEARANCE! Replaced with higher quality 1.5mm² 15a cable. Limited stock remains!

3 Core 3183P 0.75mm² 6a Black Rubber Round Cable

Top quality cable, now available in a range of lengths from 2m to 25m!

2182Y & 3183Y conform to BS6500, and RoHS standards; 3183P rubber cable is H05RR-F and manufactured to Din VDE0282, VDE0472 & GB/T5013

Voltage classification: 2182Y & 3183Y 300/300v; 15a 3183Y & 3183P 300/500v

Main electrical 2182Y & 3183Y cable is available in black or white, the outdoor rubber 3183P is available in black. 2182Y now available in gold, or white and black oval shaped 2192Y

All cables have copper conductors

Cable Sizes / Each Core's Conductor Size:

2182Y - 5.4mm / 16x 0.2mm

2183Y - 6.1mm / 24x 0.2mm

10a 3183Y - 7.2mm / 32x 0.2mm

13a 3183Y - 7.8mm / 40x 0.2mm

3183P - 6.6mm / 24x 0.2mm

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