4 Core White BS4737 Alarm Cable Per 5m (to 100m, with discounts available!)



4 Core White BS4737 Security Alarm Cable Per 5m


Top quality cable, available in multiples of 5m up to a max of 100m single length. More can be supplied, but 100m is the maximum single length. HOWEVER, we have now started getting this cable in 500m reels, so if you need more than 100m as a single length, please message first so we can agree a price and to confirm we have enough otherwise we will need to get another roll thus delaying the job by a couple of days or so. If you choose 100m, it will be sent as a cut length.


All 5m multiples now listed offering discounts:

Up to 25m - no discount

25m - 45m - 15%

50m - 95m - 20%

100m - 25% - save £14!

As stated above, we can now offer lengths OVER 100m, with possibilities for bigger discounts! Please message if you require a length greater than 100m.


PVC wall thickness – 0.5mm CSA – 0.22mm

CCA Conductors

Overall Diameter 3.5mm 

Available in White


As a FREEBIE, all cable supplied from us will come with two free cable clips for every meter bought!

We have also just launched a new listing of this cable offering you 20m or 50m at a great low price!


FREE second class postage


European delivery also available, please message us for an exact price as different sizes cost different.


Any questions please feel free to ask!


Thanks for looking and happy buying…